On the Eve of My 27th Birthday


I recently read about something called Club 27. Turns out, 27 is known among rock n' roll circles as the "cursed" year, an age in which musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse all passed away. Most (if not all) of these deaths, of course, were caused or accompanied by the excesses commonly associated with the "sex, drugs and rock n' roll" mantra... a perilous lifestyle I've managed to avoid (OK, for the most part... ). 

Nevertheless, this fact hit me particularly hard for one reason: All of these marvelous people had achieved an extraordinary legacy before the age of 27. They had all left something behind. They all gave something to humanity that still lives on. 

Even today, they are all sorely missed.

For the past 26 years, I have been laser-focused on learning. Capturing, absorbing, observing, connecting, assimilating everything I can get my hands on, soaking in the lessons like a sponge. 

But then there's a stir in my stomach. 

Now, I have worked extraordinarily hard, applied myself relentlessly, hustled ruthlessly, and thus accomplished much. I have applied many of these lessons into building a successful-but-not-quite-legacy-leaving life. 

I have achieved, in my eyes, a balanced life. And I cannot put into words how grateful and lucky I feel about this. It's, quite simply, amazing.

          My family is healthy and thriving. 

          I am in an exciting relationship with the girl of my dreams. 

          I have a terrifically cool job many would pay to do, with extremely nice and intelligent people. 

          I have true friends nearby, as well as in different corners of the planet.

          I am in the best physical shape I have ever been in. 

          I have gotten to travel and explore almost all continents.

          I am making more money than I need to fulfill my basic needs, and then some. 

Again, for all of this, I feel ridiculously grateful and lucky. If nothing else ever happened, I could still say I lived a happy life, and I am comforted to know that I would be missed by those who love me.

And then there's that stir. A hunger that grips me with a clenching force. I, quite simply, have so much more to give. 

Perhaps it is because I feel so lucky, that I feel such a strong urge to give back. I feel I am still a way away from making the world a better place. From legacy. From greatness. Or, as my inspiration (good ol' Steve Jobs) put it, from putting "a ding in the universe". 

I don't have a solid plan to achieve this. I have nothing but ideas, two willing hands, and a burning ambition. But the way to anywhere is to take a first step. 

"The Art of Wanderlust" is that first step. 

Here I hope to write about my ideas, express thoughts, exhibit art, and connect with others. It's not flawless or perfect. Surely this makes me vulnerable and open to criticism. On the other hand, it's a way to have a voice.

Rather than a cursed year, 27 will be my initial foray. 27 will be the year to ignite, to make, to teach, to add value, building from all that I have accumulated. 27 will be the year when learning becomes doing. 27 will be the year where I flip the switch, and give back to the world, as has been given to me. 

Lessons left unapplied are like blueprints left unbuilt. In the end, all that matters is what is done and said, not what is planned or learned. 

With that, I thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the Art of Wanderlust. Be sure to check out the Galleries. Learn more in the About section. And don't forget to give me a shout in the Contact! More to come. 

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